Massage in Park City

At K Love Mindful Massage we mindfully approach each clients needs specifically, creating a customized   treatment plan catered to your body and to ensure we are helping you reach your goals. Book your deep tissue Massage online!

When you make Massage part of your regular health regimen, it's more likely that the benefits of massage will endure the more frequently you receive them. The effects are cumulative, like any healthy habit. Massage helps reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve heart function, improves sleep, and calm body, mind, and spirit. 

Why K Love Mindful Massage?

Current Massages

Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sports Massage                               

50 min-110 min available

Neuro- Muscular Massage

50 min -80 min available

You Can Live an Extraordinary Life

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Massage is not just for athletes or the rich and famous. Massage not only helps you relax but decreases your stress levels, help your body recover faster, and keeps your body working like a well oiled machine! 

Come in today and discover how you can live an inspired, empowered, rejuvenated mindful life.

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